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Welcome to the Geoespacial Library of the Embrapa Meio Ambiente (Embrapa Environmental).

   The GeoSpacial Library is a storage and consultation system developed to the geospacial content produced by Embrapa Meio Ambiente and for their partners in associated projects.
   It is a support instrument to the projects execution that involve geospacials datas for organization, for exchange and for disposition of the information produced in the projects. With the GeoSpacial Library, geospacial informations are stored and distributed as documents files, digital maps, vectorial files, raster files or as SigWeb.
   The GeoSpacial Library is administered by Embrapa Meio Ambiente. That Library was created with the objective of turning public the GeoSpacial information of our projects.
   The GeoSpacial Library has a data server in which the metadatas of each stored information are registered. It has graphic interfaces to consult the available content and to store new available information.
   To access the library in your preference language you click with the mouse left button in one of the menu options in the left superior corner.
   In the environment you are access to geospatial content produced by Embrapa Meio Ambiente (Embrapa Environmental) and by their partnes in associated projects.
   In the left menus there is the Search to the GeoSpatial Library content for Attribute or for Project.
   As a Help we provide detailed instructions for using the Library.
   In Contact us, we make ourselves available for better clarifications.
   If you are a registered user you can make your Login and start yours jobs, if you aren't a registered user to access this menu and make your registration.
   We provide Links of the geoprocessing sites and of the others GeoSpacial data repositorys.
   Access too others projects of Embrapa Meio Ambiente or of their partnes using the mouse by clicking on the left icons.
   On the page rigth, we have geoprocessing and of Earth Ciences News. We appreciate your contribuition to the community passing on news of the GeoSpatial Library.
Responsible team
Conception: Margareth Simões
Organization: Celso Vainer Manzatto
Coordenation: Sandro Eduardo Marschhausen Pereira
Development: Cristianne de Mello Bini
Design: Alexandre Rita da Conceição & Sandro Eduardo Marschhausen Pereira
Management: Sandro Eduardo Marschhausen Pereira
IT Supervision: Carlos Benjamim Pazzianotto